Polyseum is a team centric first-person shooter all about pushing, pulling, spiking, throwing, blinding, stunning, and dunking your opponents. Knock enemies off the battle stage to secure kills, protect your teammates from flying out of the arena, and make sure you've always got ground under your feet to survive.


Teams of 3 face off against eachother in a variety of game modes that are tied to maps. Choosing a weapon before the match is like choosing what position you want to play, and you stick to it for the duration of the match.

Polyseum is built in Unreal Engine 4 and will be available for play on PC, Mac, and Linux.


Game Modes

Arena - The first team to eliminate the entire enemy team 3 times takes home the win.

VIP Arena - Each team takes turns trying to eliminate a powered up member of the opposition. Successfully defend your VIP or destroy the enemies' to win a necessary 3 rounds.

VIP Capture Point - The powered up VIP on the attacking team has to capture points across the map. The team to capture all the points first wins.



The Polyseum - A modern take on an ancient structure. Pillars, arches, a giant lethal pendulum falling from the skies periodically -- it's all there, and it's all authentic.

Crucibowl - Big floating islands looking off into a really spectacular sunset. Watch out for the lava and long fall into a volcano though.

Overheat - A box of fire surrounded by lots of long falls.

Megaplex - Simple and clean. Mess it up with your friends.

Water Temple - A peaceful, small stage that probably won't stay that way for more than a minute.

Ice Cap - A massive ice cavern full of capture points and ice.

Firewall - A hallway with a wall of fire. You probably could have guessed that.



I.D.E. - Build up charge with your primary fire, and release all the stored energy with an immensely powerful secondary fire.

Damage++ - Pelt your enemy with bright projectiles, and stun them with an even brighter beam of energy.

Minesweeper - Control the terrain and catch enemies out of position with remote mines and poison clouds.

Surge Protector - Channel electricity into enemies to slow them, or into allies to protect them. Blow up everyone with a massive, slow moving secondary fire.

Ray Tracer - Call down some devastating pixels from the sky with your primary, and use your secondary to blast yourself backwards. Probably look behind you first, though.


Track Your Stats

Leaderboards - See how you match up to other players by viewing our online leaderboards that track all sorts of statistics about players.

Mine Your Own Data - We'll keep track of every detail of your play experience -- accuracy, where you net your kills most, what weapons suit your style, and much more. It's your job to learn something from it and improve your skills.